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Kaila Cosmetics


Kaila Cosmetics is a colour cosmetics company offering a wide range of products for the face, eyes, nails and lips, while providing products for most skin types and conditions. The various product lines include products for makeup artists and for home use. The product range of Insight cosmetics includes nail polish, Lipstick, mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows, foundations, concealers, powder, lip-gloss, makeup brushes, and tools. Its extended range also includes artistic products and makeup for the special effects.

Since its establishment 1 years ago, Kaila Cosmetics have been striving for professionalism and constant innovation. Our founder started the sourcing of colour cosmetics from a small operation based in Robina, a suburb of the Gold Coast in 2019, and now has now built the cosmetic & beauty brand that is the choice of millions of the modern women.

The experience and know-how the company has accumulated over the years by sourcing from developing manufacturing companies, we have learnt how to marketing them to our target audience.

Formulas are developed based on scientific research and clinically researched and tested components, with an emphasis on product safety, quality and benefits. Our company sources only the highest quality of  products while maintaining environmental awareness and responsibility.

Consumer safety is of utmost priorty for the company. No wonder, we work with one belief in our minds, "The Goal of the journey is not to arrive but to toil onward, and to keep going.