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Hi, my name is Kaila, and I’m the face behind the brand, Beauty Bar Therapy. Don’t you just love going to your local beauty salon to be pampered? Hell Yeah!!! And For every woman this is a special experience. One that can transform us back to feeling like brand new again.

After being in the Health and Fitness industry for more than 7 years, and then transitioning back into the corporate world, I began to feel the pull once again towards doing that thing in life, I am most passionate about, Women’s Wellness. I absolutely love it when you walk into a beauty salon feeling one way about yourself and then after being pampered and primped you walk out feeling sexy and confident.


What would you do to have 60mins to yourself to just add a pop of colour to your eyes, smooth and soften your skin back to health and getting rid of that unwanted hair in those delicate areas of your body? For most this can be all you need to get back to being the very best version of YOU! From here my idea of ‘Beauty Bar Therapy’ grew and grew. Women’s wellness treatments that are affordable, effective and make you feel good. Now, I invite you to come in and experience it for yourself, the Beauty Bar Therapy difference.

Let us take care of all your beauty needs and begin your journey back to your true-self through self-care and the self-love and beauty treatments. I hope to see you in the salon soon, beautiful! Xx