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Skin Booster Paramedical – Chronos Pack



This kit comes complete with all the products needed to perform 10 x individual anti-ageing treatments. (just add a Cleanser from the Elements range)

With Skin BOOSTERS, the dynamic, complex and technologically advanced formulas “Boost” the skin by pushing it to surpass the skins own established capabilities.

Chronos Therapy is based on Juliette Armand’s own patented, high performing technology 4D which is using 4 systems to address the skin’s layers in the lack of water, biological aging and oxidant damage.  It will increase the collagen production by up to 382% over a four-week period!

These treatments use a system of a peel, serums, Latex and Anaplastic mask, antioxidant oils and antiageing creams to create remarkable results, even from the first treatment.  Skin is more hydrated, lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced and the overall skin plumped and dewy.

Easy to follow step by step instructions, using numbers on each products.

For best results this treatment is ideally sold as a program of 10 x facials, once a week.  Following this program a Booster facial every second month.

OR sold as a high end anti-ageing treatment once every 6 x weeks.

Suited to mature, dry skins.

Retail products:  Chronus Hydra Correct Serum and Chronus Hydra Correct Cream.

For Guaranteed Results…

Reduce the depth of fine lines  Reduce the depth of fine lines 39%
Reduce the length of fine lines length of fine lines 23%
Stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycan (in vitro) Stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycan 146%
Stimulates the production of collagen (in vitro) Stimulates the production of collagen 350%


Installments of 


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