Eyeliner Tattooing

Long Lasting & Painless Procedure

Permanent Makeup for the eyes defines your eyes. It is great for people who hate applying eyeliner daily or can’t apply it correctly. Besides convenience, eyeliner tattooing is the perfect solution for anyone with allergies (causing runny eyes), weak eyesight, dexterity issues or an active/outdoor lifestyle.

You have a choice of either having ‘Lash Enhancement’ or ‘Eyeliner’. You could choose to have both done for a fuller effect.

- Lash Enhancement involves adding pigment, as dots, between your lash line, and then slightly blending them together in order to darken your lash line, thereby giving an illusion of thicker, longer and fuller eyelashes. This procedure is usually applied to the lower lash line. It’s very natural-looking.

- Eyeliner tattooing will enhance the colour, size and shape of your eyes. You never have to go ‘bare-eyed’ again. You may choose top only or both top and bottom, adding depth, definition & lift to your eyes, so that they appear larger and more striking, and your lashes will appear thicker and fuller.

We will consult with you and recommend the look that best suits your face and features. Thus, giving you the perfect Eyeliner style that is long lasting, smudge proof and water proof. It will accentuate your eyes and give them fullness and depth. It can correct the appearance of uneven eyes. It helps you look your best 24/7 no matter what you are doing or where you are. 

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