Eyebrow Tattooing

Long Lasting & Painless Procedure

Cosmetic Tattooing, Semi-Permanent Make-up or Micro Pigmentation for eyebrows is the process where tiny colour pigments are placed just under the skin in order to give the impression of long-lasting, naturally fuller, darker and more defined brows. You can have a 'Solid brow', 'Hair strokes', Micro-blading', '3D look', 'Feathering' and more - all to enhance the brows you already have or to design new brows or even to camouflage cuts or damages to your brows so that they are no longer visible.

Helen, with her artistic eye and experience, can recommend a brow shape or design that compliments your facial structure, since each face is different, therefore, every brow should be specifically designed to suit that face. A good eyebrow will result in a natural look that frames and compliments your eyes and face.

Some plucking and trimming may be recommended and carried out with your consent so that the resulting eyebrow shape is defined and polished. If you are unsure which technique you would prefer, Helen will be able to assist you in deciding on the best technique, in order to achieve your desired result, during the consultation. Always remember, Permanent Makeup, when done by a professional, should go undetected and be as subtle as possible. 

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