Beauty Sleep Boosters Purchase Nourishing Cleansing Balm And Hydra Plus Sleep-in Mask To Receive A Ginger&me Lip Balm Free

Ever wondered why your skin looks calmer, clearer, and dewier in the morning? While you sleep the blood flow in your body increases and your skin, the largest organ, gets to work! This increase supports the skins response to repair, regenerate and support collagen and elastin production for healthy, radiant skin.


Experience the magic of true beauty sleep with this three-step skin reviver:


  1. Using Nourishing Cleansing Balm at night is the perfect way to deep cleanse skin from the days build-up whilst keeping moisture and hydration in-tact. This luxurious balm cleanser contains powerful actives to support barrier and cellular protection, is calming and soothing and boosts hydration.  
  2. After double cleansing, apply Hydra Plus Sleep-In Mask as a moisturiser.  This jam-packed booster works like a “facial while you sleep” and is loaded with skin hydration and calming properties along with the O exclusive V8 Peptide Complex®.
  3. Don’t forget to pucker up! Finish your nightly regeneration with the GINGER&ME Lip Balm, not only loaded with Omegas 3 & 6 for ultimate repair but fortified with Maxi-Lip™, a peptide able to stimulate collagen synthesis for smoother, well defined, and moisturised lips.