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Ameson Repair Gel - 20ml


Repairing, regenerating Indications Wounded – Irritated skin
Specialised gel that activates the process of cell renewal, revitalizes and repairs the skin, strengthens skin’s natural defenses and restores its uniformity.

Size: 20ML

Active ingredients
KELIFLUO: A potent, regenerative ingredient that has been characterized as the most comprehensive and effective dermatitis treatment ever created from chemical or natural agents. It creates a film on the surface of the skin, preserving skin moisture while protecting skin from extreme conditions (e.g. too cold or hot weather). It has a proven hypo-allergic effect on the skin and significantly reduces skin redness and irritations.

Which has a wound-healing ability and increases skin strength hydration and elasticity.

Which is a saccharide capable of controlling skin moisture under extreme weather conditions.

A vitamin B complex vitamin with repairing, hydrating and calming action against inflammations and irritations.

Installments of 


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