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Which Form of Vitamin A is Right For You?

May 27, 2022 2 min read

Which Form of Vitamin A is Right For You?
Still the number one anti-aging active ingredient, Vitamin A is an O Cosmedics favourite and the base of all skin transformations. O Creator Maria refers to it as the ‘conductor of the skin orchestra’ since no skin solution is complete or skin transformation possible without it. Crucial in skin health routines, the goal is to use it daily and the key is to start slowly, every second to third night, to improve skin texture, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, promote a firmer more elastic skin texture and even out skin tone. Sounds good but how do you know which form of Vitamin A is right for your skin? O Cosmedics explore 3 different types of Vitamin A, its skin benefits and suitability to each skin type.
Retinyl Palmitate - Protect and Prevent
A versatile antioxidant form which should be incorporated into every skin journey and is perfect for ALL skins especially, dehydrated, early 20’s and skins needing repair. Also known as the AM Vitamin, Retinyl Palmitate can be used in the morning without being compromised or compromising your skin allowing you to use your corrective A in the evening. You can find Retinyl Palmitate in our Pure Age Defiance Serum.

Retinoic Ester – Regulate/Stimulate/Protect and Prevent

A new generation of Vitamin A allowing you access to a fast-acting A without any aggression. Perfect for skins looking at age management, sensitive or dry skins needing a level up from Palmitate though not ready for Retinol. Retinoic Ester can be found in O Cosmedics Retinoic Oil. This “good for your skin oil” also helps strengthen and repair the skin barrier without compromising on a quality Vitamin A.

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 Retinol – Resurface/Regulate/Stimulate/Protect and Prevent

Queen of the As. This all-rounder is your corrective Vitamin A, meaning it’s where you go when you need to “correct” skin conditions like aging, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and sun damage. Retinol encourages a renewal effect through the skins upper layers revealing new, fresh healthy cells whilst stimulating cell normalisation deeper down. O Cosmedics has two strengths; Potent Retinol Serum at 0.5% and Retinol Concentrate at 1% giving you range and flexibility. Our encapsulated Retinol generally needs to be added into your routine slowly to avoid a retinoid response as it travels deeper and is active for longer.




For more information, and for a skin health and Vitamin A prescription, speak to your O Cosmedics Expert at Beauty Bar Therapy.