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The Skin's Missing Link: Nourishing Your Skin From Inside-Out

May 28, 2022 3 min read

The Skin's Missing Link: Nourishing Your Skin From Inside-Out

Let’s talk EFAs.

Superstars of both the skincare and wellness world, EFAs, or Essential Fatty Acids as they’re formally known, are the Britney Spears (we’re talking peak ‘Baby One More Time’ level) of topical and internal hydration.

So, WTF are EFAs and WHY are they so important? More than just a clever way to justify the $26 Smashed Avo on toast you ordered on Sunday or an excuse to eat more salmon, EFAs play an integral role as the building blocks for healthy cell membranes throughout the body and act as a crucial shield to protect the cells.

To better understand that, picture a cell in your body (just one, this applies to each of them individually) as the incredibly expensive and beautiful diamond every devilishly attractive thief in a Hollywood blockbuster is trying to steal. The diamond (cell) is stored in a Museum (your body) and protected by maximum security that keeps George and Brad in Ocean’s 11 out. Essential Fatty Acids are the maximum security, the bodyguards, locks and lasers, the last line of defence that protects the cell from the bad guys (free radical damage).


Now that we understand why EFAs are so crucial to the optimum function of the body, we can move on to the next big question – why is it so important to include them in our skin and supplement routines? EFAs can’t be synthesised by the body, meaning the body cannot create them on its own, and so the effectiveness of that very essential protection process is left solely reliant on us, on what we eat, what we take as supplements (because we simply could not eat enough salmon and avocado to give our bodies the required levels of EFAs, even though it sounds like a dream) and our skincare.


Gifting our body with the EFAs it so badly needs means healthy functioning cells, brilliant cell to cell communication and therefore improved cell absorption, detoxification, and ultimately healthier, stronger skin. Neglecting this VII (Very Important Ingredient) however inevitably leads to EFA deficiency which, in the skin, can lead to:


  • Impaired barrier function causing the skin to be dry, itchy, and red
  • Increased TEWL (or Trans Epidermal Water Loss) leading to dehydration
  • Reduced cell renewal and immune response causing inflammation and more redness
  • Imbalanced pH
  • Malfunctioning antimicrobial barrier


Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry, we haven’t taken you this far just to leave you high and dry (get it? Because EFA deficiency makes you dehydrated? Never mind). Here’s your comprehensive guide to a dual inside-out approach to EFAs to replenish, rebuild and nourish dry, inflamed, and problematic skin in just two steps – or avoid it entirely!


Internal Support: EFAs Max Complex (1000mg)

The kind of complex you want to have! O EFA’s Max Complex 1000mg contains natural Essential Fatty Acids, Omegas 3, 6 & 9, and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) to support healthy skin and hair. This powerful antioxidant improves general well-being, increases hydration to the skin, relieves symptoms of compromised skin, regulates oil, reduces acne and wards off wrinkles.


Topical Support: Youth Activating Oil-Balm

Youth Activating Oil-Balm is a corrective oil-balm rich in Vitamins and Fatty Acids, L22® (replenishes the skin with an oil which is a biomimetic copy of our own skins healthy oil), Lakesis®, Seabuckthorn Extract, Tsubaki Oil, Rosehip Oil and Grapeseed Oil. Day or night, this concentrated anti-aging skin treatment works to both restore and increase the skins lipid level and barrier protection while it treats, nourishes, repairs and leaves skin radiant and silky smooth.


Limited Edition Hydration Essentials Power Couple

Hydrate the skin health way with the limited-edition Hydration Essentials power couple; EFAs Max Complex and Youth Activating Oil-Balm! A powerhouse crucial for all skins, especially compromised and aging, this duo supports a dual inside-out approach, boosting skin from the inside whilst treating the outside resulting in skin transformations, skin health and ultimately skin youth.