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The biggest Anti-Aging Secret!

April 30, 2020 3 min read

The biggest Anti-Aging Secret!

By Clare O’Hanlon, Business Development Manager

Have you heard prevention is better than cure? I am going to let you in on biggest Anti-ageing secret and that is to wear an SPF on your face every single day. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, raining or even snowing, we must protect our skin from the harmful UVA rays. UVA means Ultra Violet Ageing and these rays are responsible for the ageing on the skin and the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Once the collagen and elastin decreases wrinkles form and the skin can sag as we get older. UVA is also responsible for age spots, pigmentation and in some severe cases broken capillaries.


O Cosmedic Sunscreen Cream

An SPF used daily will protect the skin and prevent premature ageing and they may contain added ingredients for the benefit of the skin. It’s time to start getting in the habit of using an SPF daily over your moisturiser…you skin will thank you later!Be warned most cosmetics do contain UV protection but usually only the UVB protection which will protect you from the Ultra Violet Burning rays. In cases in Ireland this is pretty useless as the rays are not strong enough to cause burning.

What effects can the sun have on our skin?

Everybody loves a bit of sun, with its glorious heat it can cheer up your mood and brightens up the days. But the effects the sun has on our skin is extremely negative, apart from the lovely tan off course. The sun is known for causing pigmentation and freckles which may be hard to brighten and fade. The main reason we age and wrinkles form is because of the sun, lack of SPF causes wrinkling and sagging of the skin because the sun depletes the collagen and breaks it down. Broken capillaries form and environmental damage can be seen. On a more serious side, the sun can cause skin cancer so it’s very important to cover up and avoid the sun during its hottest times.

What is an SPF?

An SPF is a sun protection factor that protects us from the burning rays of the sun. We all should be wearing an SPF daily even during over cast days and even rainy days. UV is always around us causing damage to our cells, By wearing an SPF you are using the best beauty secret going.

How can we decide which SPF is better to use?

There are many types of SPF and the protection can range from a factor 2 to a factor 50+. Depending on the Country, it is necessary to wear higher SPFs in hot climate. There is also a choice between a chemical SPF and a physical SPF. Chemical SPF heat the skin whilst pushing away the UV and physical SPF act as a barrier to the skin.

Should you look out for UVA and UVB coverage?

Yes, both UVA and UVB protection is ideal for maximum coverage, A lot of foundations, moisturisers and sunblock contain a UVB (ultra violet burning) protection sunscreen but we really need a UVA (ultra violet aging) in Ireland as this is what ages our skin. Also bear in mind when using as foundation or moisturiser with an SPF in it for you to have effective protection the cream needs to be applied the thickness of a €1 coin.

What advice can you give to clients whose skin is already affected by the sun?

Preventing any more damage is key so always wear an SPF of 50+ and wearing a hat especially in hotter weather is sufficient. Get moles checked at doctor’s visits and follow a good skin regime including brightening exfoliation and vitamin enriched masks will help bring the youthful look back to the skin and collagen rich moisturisers will prevent further damage.

Exert from this article have been featured in Women’s Way and Irish Beauty Magazine.

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