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The basic info you need to know now about treating teenage problematic skin.

April 30, 2020 2 min read

The basic info you need to know now about treating teenage problematic skin.

It’s a hard life being a teenager, with the school workload, impressing peers and dealing with puberty all at the same time. With puberty comes the dreaded problematic skin and depending on each individual these problems can vary. As hormone levels rise so does the oil glands, these over produce which can lead to blocked pores, spots and even cysts. Anyone’s natural reaction would be that their spotty skin means that they have dirty skin and will try any to rectify the problem such as over cleaning the skin and drying it out. But that is not the answer with teenage skin and over cleansing the skin will cause the pores to produce even more oil to replace what is lost. This in turn leads to a vicious circle of over active sebaceous glands that leads to blackhead and spots.

Teenagers today need to learn the basic of skincare and realise that less is more. Less cleaning, less scrubbing, less picking (causes scarring), less makeup and less creams when the skin feels tight after a shower etc. When teenagers suffer from problematic skin it can be an embarrassing time and they feel they are the only ones who seem to be suffering but it is very common, a lot of teenage girls will find that they break out before their menstrual cycle and the boys may be simply over sweating during sports and don’t realise that good ole fashioned water will clear their pores!

When it comes to skincare for teenagers it is important not to over-do it, not to choose oily products and not to choose any high street products as they may only make matters worse and cause more acne. Juliette Armand’s Clarifying foaming wash is a perfect start for cleansing the skin as it contains Canadian Willowherb which kills the certain bacteria and causes 99% of acne cases and removes excess oil. This wash can be used morning and night and in the shower. It is also great for spots on the chest and back which are commonly found in teenagers. Another rule when it comes to acne is not to scrub the skin as it can spread the infection, so I recommend Juliette Armand’s Argile Scrub mask, this mask is not to be scrubbed into the skin just applied all over and left on like a mask once a week. The microsphere granules will regulate oiliness and enables skin detoxification, whilst the lemon & cucumber extract has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and cooling effect. Now that the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated, I recommend teenagers use Juliette Armand’s  Hydra mattifying gel as it regulates oils for 6 hours and takes 3 weeks to regulate it completely, this product is perfect for shine control and used under makeup like a skin primer whilst hyaluronic acid hydrates it without needing oily residue and ingredients that would block the skin even further.