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Innovations in Chronos, Opsis, Caviar Therapies

April 30, 2020 1 min read

Innovations in Chronos, Opsis, Caviar Therapies

Juliette Armand loyal to its commitment to provide professionals of aesthetic, scientific tools based on the latest achievements of Cosmetology, proudly presents the brand new Chronos Therapy and Opsis Therapy (Skin Boosters) and the renewed Caviar Therapy (elements). The new treatments were created in our laboratories and they are based on high-end, innovation technology, diversified formulas, enriched with active ingredients that enhance the result and protect the skin.

Chronos Therapy is based on the high end technology 4D which is using 4 systems in 4 different dimensions to address the lack of water, biological aging and oxidant damage.

Opsis Therapy is reformed and enhanced with new biotechnological complexes with targeted actions to address wrinkles, dark circles, swellings and irritation in the sensitive eye contour area.

Caviar Therapy in its renewed version combines black and red caviar with grape polyphenols, argan oil, aloe, chromocare and shea butter for total skin reconstruction and glow.

The quest for innovation is our ultimate commitment. The creation of new compositions is our passion. The production and distribution of new personal professional cosmetics is our guarantee for effectiveness that we all seek in a cosmetic.