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A New Era For O Cosmedics

May 08, 2022 3 min read

A New Era For O Cosmedics

At O COSMEDICS, our packaging has been a point of focus, particularly for Creator and CEO Maria Enna-Cocciolone, for many years. Acutely aware of our changing world and the responsibilities of Creators to do their utmost to protect it, Maria has been long committed to finding a solution that could minimise waste without compromising on the efficacy and integrity of O’s active formulations. Today, Maria and the O COSMEDICS Team are thrilled to announce phase one in an evolution toward a more sustainable future for our brand; a NEW range of O packaging with up to 43.5% LESS plastic!

We sat down with Maria to unpack what’s been a long and dedicated journey to this new look, its benefits and what’s next.


  1. Why did you change the packaging?

As a brand we’ve been researching options around recyclable and reduced packaging for a number of years, however it’s only been more recently that our packaging manufacturers have been able to offer viable options.


  1. What is the greatest benefit of this new packaging? 

The 13 products being released in the new look have traditionally been in luxe packaging that contained a double wall; or maybe more easily understood as a bottle inside another bottle (two layers rather than one). This new packaging has only one wall which means we are reducing our packaging as much as 43.5%! 


  1. What are the restrictions with finding a more sustainable option? 

Given that we use active ingredients in their functional dose, we ultimately require airless packaging that protects the life of the product but also doesn’t react with the packaging itself. Over and above, in phase one of this evolution, we recognised that our O customers love and are accustomed to the luxe feel and look of our packaging. At this stage, unless we totally undress the packaging and change it entirely, it was impossible to offer recyclable packaging.


  1. What is O COSMEDICS position on sustainable packaging? Is this as far as it goes?

Reduction of waste is only step one for O Cosmedics. We are committed to an evolution - as technology evolves, so will we. 


  1. How do you collaborate to find the best possible packaging option?

Our packaging suppliers have been aware for many years of our intentions, and whilst for far too long their options were limited, they are now regularly presenting next stages to us. They are fully aware of the restrictions and requirements of our brands, and so they work closely with their designers to find the answers. Unfortunately, Australia is very limited when it comes to innovative packaging, however we are very pleased to be working with a local tube manufacturer (watch this space).


  1. What is the user experience like for this new product development?

Less packaging means less bulk both when travelling and in your bathroom; the bottles fit in one hand and can be used with one hand with no need to remove lids etc, making it super user friendly. They lock to prevent spill and are airless to support the shelf life of the product too.


  1. Do you think it could ever be possible for O COSMEDICS to be 100% sustainable? 

I don’t think we will ever be able to use biodegradable packaging, given the active ingredients we use in O COSMEDICS; if it doesn’t disintegrate in our warehouse, it most probably will on clinic shelves. As for sustainable, I do believe the future is moving that way and between the efforts of the brands and consumer acceptance we will get there.